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janet luken


Janet Luken began her artist path painting under the instruction of a professor at Catholic University of America, Washington D.C., and studying art history at the National Gallery, Smithsonian. Later she studied both art history and studio art at The College of Wooster. She did her post graduate work through the Cleveland Museum of Art with Cleveland State University, Hiram College, and Ashland University. Additionally, to being a student of the arts, she taught painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture, commercial art, and airbrush in the public school system.  She served on the Teachers Advisory Board at the Cleveland Museum of Art, worked as Family Art Coordinator for the Berea Arts Fest, and served as a designer and volunteer with the Classroom Gallery Program in six local elementary schools.

Janet’s unique color palettes are created by using only the primary colors red, blue, and yellow.

Her current work explores the blending of time and the relationship between present and future alongside her reverence for the natural world.  With the use of dynamic lighting, she expresses detailed observations of nature with a focus on metaphoric relationships, moments in time, conversations for the future and feeling.

CanyonHues2019-06-11 17.18.53.jpg

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