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joyce morrow jones


I am a mixed media fiber artist with a passion for expressing the art of story in my creative expression. I tell people that your destiny will find you, if you keep walking steadily on a path and since my first exhibition in 2016, I believe that I have found my voice in my art. 

My work has blossomed exponentially with an entire focus on creating and exhibiting art.  I create thematic series of work: for example, “Ancestral Tributes”, “I Blossomed”, “Ancestree”, “Indigo and Cotton”, “Madonna Ebony” and “Spirit of the Masquerade”.  Each of these series are visual influences from the African Diaspora and most are mixed media 3D sculpture with newer works presented in hanging presentation.  I want people to delve into and resonate with the many stories that inspired their creation, understanding that in creating art, I am reclaiming ancestral memories. 

My art practice includes teaching workshops for general audiences and most recently includes being a teaching artist for Art House and The Cleveland Museum of Art Summer Camp.

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